About us

Safilin is a family based company. The Salmon family launched its first operations in 1778 in Armentières, French Flanders, in the heart of the flax production region.

1860: The first spinning and the weaving factory is launched in Armentières to become the largest linen factory in Europe in 1922.

Accompanying the constant growth in Europe, Safilin moves its manufacturing entities inPoland in 1995 and 1997. Poland is chosen because of its long tradition in linen and experienced labor force.

In 2007, after years of R&D and in partnership with some knitters, Safilin launches its range of 100% linen yarns for flat and circular knitting.

Safilin develops a range of roving products to answer the needs of industrial clients seeking new products with technical and environmental constraints.

1778 – First Salmon company

1860 – First factory in Armentières

1995 – Dry spinning factory in Milakowo, Poland

1997 – Wet spining factory in Szczytno, Poland

2007 – Launching of the first 100% linen range for circular and flat knitting

2012 – Development of roving and yarns for new applications such as composites

2016 – Significant increase of the wet spinning capacity